Judah Quinn

We don't call him Judah the Destroyer for nothing... this kid is ALL BOY. He loves throwing himself at life (often quite literally) figuring out how things work (by breaking them) and seeing how far he can push the boundaries...or his big sister. However, he is also the cutest little boy who loves cuddles, kisses, sitting on your lap and reading a book or playing with Myla and letting her tell him what to do.

His vocab is growing exponentially and he has a very cute way of saying certain words; 'bra-braa' for Zebra and 'la la' for Myla and dropping his 'h's like a proper cockney ('am for ham, 'ands for hands).

Myla and Judah have a very cute and loving relationship (biting and pushing aside) and can often play together for up to 30 mins which is a very lovely stage to reach, not least for the parents! 

Milestones: Sep '18

VERY chatty - favourite phrases are 'what's that' and 'no, mummy/daddy'.

Loves his sister - often found sleeping in her bed or curled up next to her on the sofa.

SUCH a water baby - loves the pool.

Milestones Jun '18

11 teeth

Walking and running and climbing on everything

Lots of words and a few phrases 'pretty flowers', 'open banana' and 'milk and sleep'

Likes to bite (his sister...)

Milestones: Sep '17

6 teeth


Signs 'finished' and 'birds' and 'touch' (he's learnt that because of the fire in Winter!)

Says 'La La' for Myla

Second Birthday Cake

Second Birthday Cake
Mummy and Judah selfie

Mummy and Judah selfie
LOVES driving

May 2018

LOVES driving - May 2018

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