Operation Mobilisation

OM is 60yrs old, having started in the 1950s by a crazy but infectious pioneer called George Verwer. OM is now in over 110 countries around the world with 3,500 missionaries. Our mission is to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. 

Ali's parents were with OM in the '70s so she grew up in an International community, albeit in Bromley in Kent! George and Drena Verwer were like surrogate grandparents so the OM DNA is very much a part of Ali's history and upbringing. When we met in 2011, Carlton was already with OM - which made Ali laugh - and Ali's mum cry (she was worried we would never have any money!)

Now, OM is a global missions movement seeking to change the face of missions for the 21st Century, looking at new models to reach over 1.8billion people on Earth who have never heard the transformative message of Jesus. We are a part of seeing more people come to know God in a personal and life-changing way - even though our roles are very much 'behind the scenes'. In Africa, we feel it is appropriate to let Africans reach Africans in a culturally appropriate contexts whilst we work in supporting them with finances, good communications and friendship.

Photo Credits: Rebecca Rempel


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